16 Quotes for When You’re Feeling Under Stress

Life is full of annoyances that grind us down, and make us stressed. I think it’s safe to say that we have all been under stress at some point or another. But sometimes, all we really need is a little nudge in the right direction, and to get a proper hold on the situation. Something as simple as a good quote can work wonders for bring you back to reality. Plus, who doesn’t love a good quote?! Anyone ever just stumbled onto a quote, read it and had an epiphany moment, when you’ve just thought to yourself, ‘Holy cow, I needed to hear that.’ ? .. Perspective. All we really need at times when we are frazzled and fraught, is a little bit of perspective. I know this is true of myself anyway. So, here are a few of my favourite quotes for when I’m being a stress-head, to serve as a reminder, that things really aren’t so bad; it’s time to buck up my ideas, and get a grip on the situation, whatever that may be. Hopefully a few will resonate with you too, and serve as an offering of calm amidst whatever storm you may be facing.

1. Perspective.
2. Reminder to let it go
3. Live life at your own pace. NOT the pace society would have you believe is ‘right’.
4. Words of wisdom from Gandalf The Grey.
5. All the matters in this very moment is the here & now, so don’t waste another moment sulking and stressing.
6. And those are some pretty good odds.
7. Be the captain of your ship, and take control of what you let onboard.
8. We chose what we take from every situation. Look for the good. There is always good to be found.
9. A childhood favourite from Winnie The Pooh
10. And a bit of tough love.
11. J.K.Rowling reminding us that there is magic within us all.
12. Simply beautiful. And to the point.
13. Do good anyway.
14. A little Liz Taylor Wisdom
15. Couldn’t do a post about good quotes without a Maya Angelou quote.
16. Simple, and to the point.

So, if you’ve been letting the stressors of life get on top of you, hopefully we now have a little more perspective, and are just about ready to move on with our day.. ( if not, there’s always gin.)

Wishing you a fabulous new week, and a whole lot less stress.

Lots of love


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