Full-Body High Energy Circuits

Tonight’s workout was divided into 3 circuits; barbell, dumbbell, and body weight. I haven’t done circuits in a long time, (months!!) and as I couldn’t decide what muscle group I wanted to train, I opted to go for a full body workout. The emphasis on the circuits, was to go at a pretty rapid, continuous pace, with no rests until each circuit was complete. At the end of the circuit, I’d take a 1-2 minute rest. The first round of each circuit would consist of 10 reps on each exercise. Once all the exercises were performed, back to back, I’d take my rest, before doing the circuit with 8 reps, then 6. The weights remained the same throughout. This workout is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time, but want to work up a good sweat, and give yourself a good all-over session.

Barbell Circuit:

  • barbell curls
  • barbell shoulder press
  • barbell front squat
  • barbell cleans


Dumbbell Circuit:

  • Dumbbell Lateral raises
  • Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks
  • Dumbbell Sumo Squat and press


Body Weight Circuit: 

  • Smith machine Reverse body rows
  • Bench tricep dips
  • Bench jump squats


Give it a go, and let me know how you get on! I’ll definitely be doing this one again on those days when I’m short of time, and can’t decide on a specific body part to train.

Lots of Love


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