Self Love Week- Let’s Do This! 

I first heard about self love week, a couple of weeks ago, via a post on the beautiful Mel Wells Instagram feed. Anyone who has been following me for a bit will know that I’m trying to inject a little more self love into my own life. However, over the past couple of weeks, things have taken a bit of a slide. I’ve definitely let a little too much negativity in, which has spread and infected other areas of my life, resulting in a whole lot of stress and anxiety. In all honesty I’ve let things get on top of me, and at times, really struggled to stay afloat. I very much recognise it though, after a few very emotional outbursts. So, I will now make more of a conscious effort to remain positive, and try to eliminate the negative influences in my life. (though some things are going to require a bit of patience.) With all this is mind, when I saw Mel Wells post about her self love week challenge, I was quick to sign up and jump on board!

The community Mel Wells has bought together for this week of self love, is really something very special. There is a group of almost 3,000 of us, preparing to take on whatever challenges Mel presents us with this coming week! We are all on the same mission, to give ourselves a little more love. Because everybody is worthy of their own love! 

It’s a beautiful thing seeing all these fabulous, gorgeous ladies, coming together, from all different walks of life, sharing their stories, and embarking on the same journey. I’m in awe of these women. Their bravery in sharing the hardships & heartaches they have endured, and despite it all, still remaining courageous, positive, and in pursuit of a better, happier life. I feel incredibly inspired this evening. There is so much love within this group! No criticism, no judgement, no negativity, only empowerment, encouragement, acceptance, belief, and love, love, love.

This weekend, Mel set us a pre-challenge challenge; to go out and buy ourselves some flowers. The purpose of this, was not just for us to buy ourselves a lovely gift, but to also watch our flowers blossom and bloom throughout the week, in order to remind us that we too can do the same!

‘Just like a flower, you are a beautifully formed creation of nature.’ – Mel Wells

So, let me introduce you to Fred! He is a Kalanchoe, and is a house plant. I plan to buy him a far snazzier pot than he is currently sporting, because he deserves it, and is worthy of more than a plastic, flimsy, little, black pot. Keeping this little fella alive is going to be a challenge in itself, for me! My track record with house plants, isnt good. At all. (Thank goodness, I’m better at nurturing cats, dogs, fish, and little people.) Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a house full of thriving plants, or a collection to match my mothers stunning array of orchids. -She collects them, and literally attends to them every single day, even taking in her friends dying plants and bringing them back to life. She’s like some sort of orchid wizard.

So, if you aren’t signed up to it yet, it’s not too late! If you fancy injecting a little more love in your life, whilst putting yourself to the test, and placing yourself in a community bursting with positivy, then sign up to the Self Love Week Challenge NOW. It doesn’t cost a thing, and what do you have to lose?! 💕 We’re all in this together.

Looking forward to seeing what the week ahead holds, and hoping that this coming week of self love, will get me back on track. Are you up for the challenge too?

Lots of Love


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