My Netflix Top 5 Binge Series

The Autumn/Winter months are upon us. The nights are drawing in, getting long and darker, and on nights like these, what is better than settling down under a few fleecy throw blankets, hot beverage in hand, with a bingeworthy series to sink your teeth into? So, I thought I’d compile a quick list of my current top 10 series on Netflix. Some of them may be considered old news by now, but none the less, if there’s anything on the list you haven’t yet watched, perhaps this compilation can inspire some future viewings for you, and you can be convinced to give one of them a go.

1) Stranger Things

There is no denying, Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. If I’m being honest, I was very close to dismissing it altogether, not being a huge fan of alien sci-fi type genres, but boy am I glad I didn’t!? This series is SO much more than another alien sci-fi. From adoringly exploring the characters friendships and budding teen romances, to being utterly terrifying with the dark presence terrorising the seemingly peaceful town of Hawkings. The show is set in the 80’s and in my opinion, the Duffer brothers have captured this era impeccably. Along with the many other alluring aspects of the show, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young boy, (Will) from a tight nit friendship of loveable dungeons and dragons fanatics, had me hooked and captivated from the very first episode. I’d watched all 8 episodes of the first season within 48 hours of starting it. Similarly, with the evermore exciting ‘Stranger Things 2’, I made my way through all 9 episodes in under 24 hours. This truly is a series that will draw you in, hook, line & sinker. Trust me, you want to free up a day for this one, because once you get started you won’t want to stop.

2) Ru Pauls Drag Race


“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

RuPaul Andre Charles is one of the biggest LGBT icons of all time. This queen has truly built an empire. In this show, we see contestants pit themselves up against one another, displaying their fine craftsmanship on the sewing machine, incredible make-up artistry, and awe-inspiring confidence, and sass on the runway, all in the name of becoming America’s Next Drag Super Star. The various challenges that RuPaul sets his queens week after week, will have you howling with laughter, whilst being in total awe of the outmost talents being displayed. Jeeze, after watching this, I want to be a drag queen! Those girls know how to have fun! And they look freaking FIERCE while they are doing it. I am well and truly addicted to this show, and could (and do) watch it over and over again. No matter how real the competitions gets, and the shade that gets thrown, there is always such a sense of sisterhood; many of the contestants have fought great trials, hardships, and battles for acceptance to be in the position they are today, and I for one hugely admire their courage, charisma, and general attitude to life. Every time it gets to the runway, and we get to watch the queens ‘sissy that walk’, I feel my own inner diva want to come out and play. America’s Next Top Model’s bouncier, bubblier, and much MUCH brighter little sister. If you are looking for fun, this one is the binge for you!

3) Riverdale

Who doesn’t love a good high school, teen drama?! This one is built on the standard teen partying, sex lives, friendship, and general teen dramas that we all love, but also has a dark twist to it. The first season of Riverdale follows the murder of popular, privileged teenager, Jason Blossom, who’s death rattles the otherwise seemingly quiet town of Riverdale. The story also explores young Archie and his group of friends as their secrets begin to unravel, as they in turn attempt to uncover the mystery of Jason’s death. All is not as it seems. Now into it’s second series and become even more dark and exciting, I am loving this, and if you haven’t yet given it a try, perhaps you will too.

4) Making a Murderer

So, maybe this one is old news, BUT if you haven’t yet watched the factual documentary series on the trial and investigations of Steven Avery’s supposed crimes, it really is a MUST. It is utterly compelling. The questionable evidence leaves you doubting the integrity of the Manitowoc County law enforcement, and asking yourself, was the guy actually set up? Did the police spin this heinous crime to avoid the lawsuit Avery was building against them? Who killed Teresa Halbach? Is Steven Avery a Murderer? To this day, well over a year since I first watched the series, I find myself feeling really attached, and emotional about the case and the resulting conviction, and pray for a day to come when the investigation is bought to a re-trial. All I can say is that this is honestly one you have to see to believe, and make your own mind up about. Each episode provoked further disbelief from my part, and kept me hungry for more, and desperate to find out the truth. Even now, I still find myself obsessing over the case, google the latest updates, and coming to my own conclusion.

5) 13 Reasons Why

Again, maybe this is old news by now, but I do think that this series is a must watch. 13 Reasons Why, follows the series of events that led teenager, Hannah Baker to take her own life. In the opening episode of this emotionally driven series, Clay Jenson comes into possession of 7 tapes, each side being delved into in each episode, revealing another of the 13 Reasons and series of events that bought Hannah to the heartbreaking decision to end her life. As you can imagine, this at times is a very difficult watch, and certainly bought me to tears. This beautifully harrowing series is a stark reminder to us all, that small acts of kindness and consideration could quite literally save a life, we really have no idea what another person is going through, and life is precious.

So, there we have it; my Netflix top 5 binges! Below are a few other titles I’ve really enjoyed binging on too. What are yours?! I’d love to hear from you guys, so if I’ve missed one of your favourites, please share it with me!

With love

-Louis Theroux, iZombie, Santa Clarita Diet, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and American Horror Story.


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