My Festive Film Top 10

I’ve been slacking so much on the posting front, but once again, things have been a little up in the air, and I’ve had to put the blogging on hold to concentrate on other aspects of my life. This post has been in the works since December 1st, as I’d intended to get it out much much sooner than this. However, things are settling down a bit again.. hopefully.. 🤞🏼 So, I’ve finally been able to sit down for more than 5 minutes to finish up this post.

As you might have guessed it’s another compilation post; a list, this time, of my favourite festive films! All of which I have been / will be watching throughout the month. There’s a good mix of comedy, romance, family, even horror, so there really is something for everyone here! Hope you like it, and once again, if you have any favourites I’ve missed, do let me know, as I’m always looking for something new to try.

1.The Grinch

The modern day film adaption of the beloved Dr Zeus’s classic tale, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Jim Carey is perfect. They could not have cast a better actor for this role. You fall in love with the wicked Grinches, quirkiness. His character speaks to all of us, portraying someone we can all relate to in some way or another! *’If I can’t find something nice to wear, I’m not going!’* As the story unfolds, our hearts warm to this seemingly villainous character, realising that he’s really just a lovely green fella, who was victim to the play ground bully, and was totally misunderstood. Again, something loads of us can relate to. Ultimately a tale about extending our hearts, (or growing your heart 3 sizes) so that nobody should be alone on Christmas Day. A family must for your Christmas movie collection.


If you don’t like Will Ferrell, have you even sat down and watched a Will Ferrell film?! (I like to think that Will and I have this special connection, as we were both born on July 16th. He’s my birthday twin, and this is my favourite fact.) He’s bloody hilarious, and this film is no exception! The character of Buddy the Elf is so ridiculously loveable, it hurts. – quite literally -My stomach hurts from the giggles I get every time I watch Elf. Teamed with the adorable and multi talented, Zooey Deschanel, this family film will give you all the happy’s, and have you singing along. -‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.’ It has all the ingredients for the perfect Christmas movie; love, laughter, santa Clause himself, family, belief, snow, a narwal, and of course, the happiest of endings.

3.The Muppets Christmas Carol

Quite possibly my favourite Christmas movie in our collection. I’ve already watched this one about 10 times this year, but it truly is wonderful! You are all likely familiar with Charles Dickens classic tale, A Christmas Carol. Over the years there have been many movie adaptations of this festive favourite; a story of Scrooge, the revelation of his bitter, unkind ways after being confronted by the ghosts of his ex business partner, the spirits of the past, present, and Christmas yet to come. Scrooge is left mortified, and enlightened, and allows the spirit of Christmas to flood his life, creating the perfect Christmas story, of joining together and showing love at Christmas time. This musical re-telling of this story, from The Muppets, and Michael Caine, will give you all the Christmas feels, and have you singing along to their wonderfully catchy original soundtrack. The overriding message being, ‘wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas.’ And how very true is that?

4.Home Alone

The movie franchise that made the world fall in love with a talented little lad, called Macaulay Culkin. Apart from anything else, I loved this film, because it reminds me so much of my brother when he was young, and I have no doubt that he would have done exactly as Kevin did if left in that situation! Haha. Also, as one of 8 siblings, I honestly couldn’t have related any more to poor Kevin in the opening scene of this family classic; the house busy and bustling with excitable kids, and franticly stressed adults, the big ones being mean, no one wants to play, or watch what you want to watch, someone’s eaten your pizza, and you are going to be shoved in a bed with the littlest who is a definite pissy bed sheets threat. Then suddenly you step one foot out of line, and you are in the firing line, so sulk off to seclusion, thinking that your life would honestly be better if you were on your own. BUT, as Kevin soon finds out, and I was also reminded throughout my childhood, family is everything. Despite the arguments, you love each other, and you appreciate each other. I won’t go into a synopsis for this, because I’m fairly sure we’ve all seen it, but with the musical influences of John Williams, who also bought us the soundtrack to Harry Potter, this film will have you feeling the magic of Christmas in no time.

5.The Holiday

Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black; what’s not to love with a casting like that?! Iris’s gorgeous, snow covered, countryside cottage in Surrey, is the Christmas holiday get away that dreams are made of. And Amanda’s LA home impresses with its modern/ tech swankiness. The two girls, after suffering their own levels of heartbreak, participate in a house swap for the holiday season, to escape their woes. But as fate would have it, love could still be on the cards for these two very different ladies. This film is equally hilarious and lovely, and will leave you feeling all warm and gooey inside.

6.The Santa Clause

A firm favourite from my childhood! This film offers up a believable explanation for Santa Clause. That no, he does not live for ever, (I always wondered about this when I was little) but there is always a Santa Clause. All one has to do, is put on the jacket and the transformation begins. In turn, Scott’s new found identity could be just what is required to save his increasingly delicate relationship with his young son, after his parents Divorce. Another film that will have you laughing out loud, whilst truly capturing the magic and the spirit of the season.

7.Love Actually

Could not have a Christmas movie list without this one making an appearance now, could I?! Probably not what I’d call a family film, (those sex scenes are still awkward enough with my mum in the room at the age of 25) but if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do! The film follows several stories, that all in one way or another tie into each other, but all tell a tale of love, and the joy of togetherness at Christmas.


Maybe not one to watch around the little ones, in terms of the horror element, but this one definitely had to have a place on my Festive Top 10. If you haven’t watched this Steven Spielberg 80’s classic, you really should! Gizmo, the adorable mogwai, is bought as a Christmas present for an inventors teenage son. Intended as a loveable pet, he comes with 3 simple instruction- do not expose to sunlight, do not let him get wet, and do not feed after midnight. Inevitably, the rules are broken, and all chaos breaks loose as the intended pets turn into murderous blood thirsty monsters, threatening to ruin Christmas for all involved. I first watched Gremlins as an 11 year old, and it’s scared the crap out of me. Though watching it now as an adult, the special effects are pretty lame, you can still appreciate how brilliant they were for the decade in which the film was released. A modern day re-adaptation of Gremlins would most likely absolutely terrify me. For me, Gremlins is a Christmas must, and one of those films everyone has to watch at least once, so if you haven’t yet got around to it, this is your reminder!

9.Jingle All The Way

If you’re an Arnie fan, you’ll probably love seeing him play this role; the career driven, absent father, with his sudden awakening to his priorities, and battle to impress his son, and make up for missed time, by obtaining the thwart after turbo-man. Only problem being, they’ve sold out. The film follows this fathers trials, and many unsuccessful attempts to redeem a turbo man doll for his son. If you aren’t an Arnie fan, it might seem a little naff, but personally I love it! Ultimately this films is a race against time, (and another father) to try to right all the wrongs, but in true Christmas spirit, the happy ending isn’t found from the perfect toy, but in the unity of family.

10.Jack Frost

Get the box of tissues at the ready, this one’s a tear jerker. This film provides a very touching explanation for the tale behind Jack Frost. Similarly to several other Festive films, we start with a father who is largely absent, badly in need of straightening out his priorities, and spending some time with his family. However, devastatingly, in this story, Jack is involved in an accident, meaning he misses his chance to be a better father in his human life. In a heart warming turn of events, a year after his death, he returns to his son, as a snowman, and sets out to make up for the lost time he had with him. This bitter sweet tail never fails to bring a tear to my eye. And will thaw even the coldest of hearts.

So there it is! My top festive picks! Why not grab a cub of warm cocoa, a few throw blankets, and a plate of mince pies, and snuggle down in front of one of these Christmas classics.

Lots of love


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