Full Body Tri-Sets To Get Your Gym Mojo Back

With the Christmas period drawing to a close, and the impending New Year fast approaching, loads of us might be thinking about getting back in to the gym, or for some of you, maybe one of your New Years resolutions is to join the gym? Either way, starting a new at a gym, or returning to the gym after a break, whether it’s been days or months, can be a little daunting. For me, it’s a case of being out of routine. Where do I start? What do I want to train? How is my strength going to hold up after giving myself some time off?

So, I will often opt for a mixed workout to ease myself back into things, and give my whole body a bit of a challenge. Similarly for anybody starting out, I’d recommend you ease in by training a little bit of everything rather than one particular muscle group on your first session. Everybody has different styles of training, and I’m not a professional, so please remember these are just my opinions, but personally, when reintroducing things, I prefer to ease myself in for these sessions, rather than hammering one body part. That’s not to say that I will do an easy work out, as with all workouts, the aim of the game is to challenge myself. However, this way, we are waking up all your muscle groups after a break, and it also takes away the dilemma of what to train!

Today was my first session back in the gym since Christmas. Previous years, I’d returned as soon as Boxing Day, literally giving myself Christmas Day as a rest, before getting back to it. However, I’ve relaxed my approach to my fitness a lot over the past year, after noticing unhealthy patterns of obsession. So this year, I’ve enjoyed a good 6 days away from the gym, filling my time with plans, and memories making with my loved ones. But I someone who genuinely loves training, I could feel the gym itch creeping back in and the last couple of days, I’ve been eagerly anticipating my free time today, to squeeze in a good workout.

After returning to the gym from a period away, I can’t help but feel apprehensive about how the session will go down, and where my my motivation levels will be, but thankfully I can say that this session has really got me back into it with a vengeance, and I’m feeling super motivated for my fitness goals going into 2018. So, I thought I’d share the workout with you all on my blog, just incase your Mojo is nowhere to be seen, and you are in need of a little training inspo.

Dumbbell Tri-Set

  • Dumbbell Lateral raises x10
  • Dumbbell Bicep curls x10 each side (alternating)
  • Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat x10 each side

Repeat this circuit 3x times.

Smith Machine Tri-Set all exercises performed on smith machine

  • Military press x10
  • Incline chest press x10
  • 5 sec down/5 sec squat x10

Repeat this circuit 3x times.

Deadlift Tri-Set keeping the barbell and weight same throughout the circuit

  • Straight leg RDL x10
  • Sumo deadlift x10
  • Deadlift x10

Repeat this circuit 3 times.

Cable Tri-Set

  • Overhead tripcep pull x10
  • Lat pull down x10
  • Cable pull through x10

Repeat this circuit 3 times.

*if you are unsure how to perform any of these exercises, seek guidance from a member of staff/ professional in your gym*

You don’t need to go particularly heavy in any of these exercises for this session, just heavy enough that you can feel that burn and have to push through for those last few reps.

Whether you are new to weight training, or a fully fledged gym addict in a flunk, I hope this helps, and gets your training off to a good start! Thank you for reading; wishing you a wonderfully happy, healthy, fit and fabulous new year!

Lots of love


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