18 New Years Resolutions For 2018

1.Read more. I love reading, but as a working mother of a one year old, finding the time is tricky. So I want to set more time aside to read, on a daily basis!To quote Tyrion Lannister (and just be a total Game Of Thrones nerd), “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”

2.More yoga. There is no denying it does my mind and body the world of good! Back in the summer I was doing yoga sequences 3-4 times a week, and honestly noticed such improvement in my flexibility and mental clarity, but as Autumn crept in and my motivation started to drop off, so did the frequency of my yoga sessions, until eventually this past month I have all together stopped. So this year, not only do I want to make it a regular part of my life, but I would also like to master some awesome new poses.

3.Stop procrastinating on a daily basis. I’m terrible. I really am. I’ll go online to do one thing, then 2 hours later I’ll have 15 other tabs open with completely irrelevant browsing on; online shopping, social media, Airbnb, Pinterest, blogs of every variety, net doctor, property search, Expedia flights and hotels, a list of random OCRs, DogsTrust adoption page, some crazy obscure search on notonthehighstreet, an OU course search, etc. Great to keep my mind running at a million miles per hour, not so great for productivity! Especially when an hour have passed and I have quite literally achieved nothing! Haha. So I’m going to try to work on my concentration, and focus on the task at hand, in order to achieve more. I want things to happen this year, so hoping that getting a bit of control over my procrastinating habits will be a big step towards that.

4.More social media free days. This includes twitter, both of my public and private Instagram accounts, Facebook, WordPress. The idea of this is to give myself a day off from it all to focus on what is right here in front of me, and what is really important. I’d love to make this a bi monthly thing, which I would likely allocate for a family Sunday.

5.Drink more water! I used to drink anything from 3 litres of water a day, but these days I’m lucky if I hit 1.5 litres. So back to it! I’ll be aiming for 3 litres a day.

6.Run more! To kick start this one, I have signed up to Mind‘s R.E.D challenge, which will see me running every day throughout January! I haven’t really ran for months, apart from the odd spontaneous treadmill run once in a blue moon, so this really will be a challenge! If you haven’t heard of Mind, they are a wonderful U.K. based mental health charity, that do some incredible work supporting people through mental health. Why not check them out, and if you like what they are about, please feel free to make a Donation to my R.E.D challenge fundraising page on JustGiving.

7.Don’t eat less, eat more, and eat better! Time and time again, I prove to myself that eating tons of the good stuff does my body and mind a whole lot of good, yet I always get complacent, and let things slip, eating more intermittently, less nutritiously, and more out of convenience. It’s just laziness and mindlessness on my part, so I know this is something I can do, when I put my mind to it.

8.Stress less. Self explanatory really. This year has been the year of over-thinking, and stressing myself to a state of being cripplingly anxious and overwhelmed. I’d like to leave that trait in 2017. LOL.

9.Keep on top of the house work. I have a bad habit of leaving tidying and housework to build up, and then eventually when it does get my attention it’ll quite literally take a full day/days.

10.Keep a daily journal. Journaling is a great habit for a bit of self awareness, reflection, gratitude, and mindfulness. Fortunately my husband did me a favour with this one when I surprised me with Fearne Cotton’s, Happy Journal.

11.Stop biting my nails. Disgusting habit. Again, one I know I can do! I completely refrained from nail biting while I was pregnant last year, so I CAN do it again.

12.Budget and SAVE. I just need to be better with money in general. I’ve always been pretty good, but this past year I’ve made some really stupid, unnecessary investments, so in 2018, I want to be better. Plus, there are a million projects I want to start in our home, and none of which will be possible unless I actually *save*.

13.Invest my free time better. What I’m referring to with this one, is the people I actually spend that time with. I am really rubbish at making plans, I’ll talk to friends about getting together, and I really do have the best intentions, but actually making concrete plans and carrying them out is another thing. There’s nothing wrong with seeing you have a day without any plans and wanting to keep it like that to recoup, but I probably do that a little too often, and then end up feeling sad for not seeing friends more. On the other side though, this also means investing time into the right people, and more specifically, not wasting my time on people who take but never give back, or show gratitude.

14.More outdoors. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been walking anywhere near as much as I used to in recent months. The weather has never been an excuse for me, so I won’t blame that. It’s not easy single handedly controlling a 2 year old LabradorX and an energetic 1 year old intent on climbing into ditches/swimming in puddles, at the same time. But that’s also not really an excuse. We always have a lovely time out and about, even if Aurora has ended up face first in a muddy puddle after colliding with Daphne (the dog). So, for this one I just need to get a grip, and stop anticipating that it’s going to end in disaster.

15.More self care. More pampering (on budget of course), more relaxation, more meditation, more listening to my body, and not ignoring it’s complaints – I’m sure this is a proper ol’ mum trait; not feeling well, and putting it off and ignoring it until it goes away, or is tolerable.

16.Study. I’ve been hungry to start studying again for a while, but kept finding excuses not to. This year, I will make it happen, and enrol / sign up, so I can begin working towards a qualification, as soon as the intended course becomes available again.

17.Blog more! I love blogging, but since starting my blogging journey in August, my content has been somewhat sporadic, so I’d like to increase the frequency that I am blogging, and improve the content I share.

18.More adventures! When we all get a family day together it’s so easy to just do nothing, but we always have so much more fun when we go out and do something as a family, explore new places, and take exciting trips. So I want to utilise our family days more, and make 2018 super special.

Wishing you all the best with your personal goals for the new year, and plenty of happiness and health for 2018!

Lots of love


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