Valentines His & Her.. with Swagger Unique

So guys, I’m pretty excited to be able to share my first proper collaboration with you today. When the lovely Alice from Swagger Unique offered to gift me with a little surprise, ‘for her’ or ‘for him’ valentines bundle, I was so excited, that I got a little greedy, and asked for both! Well, not too greedy, as I asked on the premise that I could pay full price for the ‘for him’ gift, totally not being one to expect freebies. In no time at all she had put together a gorgeous little collection of gifts for Mr Woods, and a few little surprises for me; all of which, I am super excited to share with you on this post today! So, if you have a special someone in your life, who you’d like to treat this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps you’re treating yourself or one of your gal-pals to a Galintines day gift, why not get inspired by these lovely gift ideas from Swagger Unique.

There is something for everyone at Swagger Unique, to fit any budget. They are a South Gloucester, Cotswolds based boutique gift shop, bursting with character, and trinkets for all tastes. If you are in the Chipping Sodbury area, this lovely little shop is a must. The Cotswolds are such a beautiful part of the country, so even if you aren’t close by the area in general, it’s well worth a little trip to, and even if it’s just a day trip, there is loads to see and do, including this cute little shop. However, on this occasion, as much as I would have loved a little adventure to Chipping Sodbury, I was lucky enough to have this wonderful gift sent straight to my door step. -What a lovely surprise to come home to on my early finish, this Thursday.

Each gift was individually wrapped in tissue paper. Red; for hubby and pink; for wifey. Such a lovely thoughtful touch! It felt like Christmas Day unboxing this lovely gift from the girls over at Swagger Pics. Always one to save the best until last, I decided to unbox the gifts for Hubby first, as I had selected them, and I knew what they were, and wanted to leave my wonderful surprises until last.

The ‘For Hubby‘Selection

Hammond Gower ‘love’ postcard. I’m going to be finding a lovely little frame for this cute a5 postcard, as the typography is so classic and timeless, and I just know it will look lovely on a mantle on our home. This retails at 50p so when you look at the average retail prices of similar prints, you really are picking up a bargain.

Heaven Sends scented candle. This gorgeous little jar candle comes with the perfect quote for your loved one, and smells absolutely delicious! It’s coconut and bergamot aroma is a real treat for your senses, and with a burn time of 20 hours, it’s definitely worth the £5 you can pick it up for, in store.

Bomb CosmeticsSummer Of Love Blaster’ Bath bomb. This bath bomb is perfect for a valentines gift, with its scrumptious strawberries and cream sweet scent, and it’s classic romantic, yet simple appearance. And who doesn’t love a bath bomb!? I’m frequently finding my husband sneaking his mitts into my bath bomb collection, so I know he’ll be very happy to have this indulgent number all to himself. These retail at £2.99, which for such a luxurious item, I would definitely call that money well spent.

Choco Loco ‘hot stuff’ chocolate bar. Umm, first of all, YUP. Too accurate. I’m not gonna bore you all by going into a massive tangent about how much I think my husband is the bees knees, and his face is the most handsomest I’ve ever layed eyes on, and his beard is finest in all the land, and don’t get my started on that squat-not.. (yup, I’m one lucky lady) But yes, chocolate will always be a win on any gift list, and this one hit the nail on the head. (Now lets hope he doesn’t read this post yet, and spoil his surprise.. I have warned him off, so pray he listens). Apart from that, the ingredients are kept simple, and the physical appearance of this milk chocolate bar is very pleasing, especially for those of us with a sweet-tooth. I tell you now, it’s taking a lot of restrain for me to not rip open the packaging and delve into it’s enticing hundreds and thousands coated layers. This retails at £4.99.

So, that’s my ‘for hubby’ box, and I’m confident, I will have a happy husband when he receives his treats on Wednesday! All the gifts are unisex, but with Valentine’s Day, this is often the case, and I know he will love each individual item, and the sentiments in each message.

The ‘For Wifey‘ Selection

Hammond Gower Postcard: Again, a gorgeous little quote, which will look fab framed in my home. Plus, how very true is that?! This is one of my favourite quotes, so I’m more than happy to pop it on display as a daily reminder! Again, this postcard retails at a teeny tiny 50p.

Bomb Cosmetics the ‘Love Bomb Blaster’ bath bomb. What can I say? It’s shaped like DYNAMITE!! How freakin’ cute is that?! I love this so much, and can’t wait to use it in the bath. The smell of the bomb is something I’d best describe as citrus and romance. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to fill the bathroom with it’s wonderful scent. This lovely gift retails at a very reasonable £2.99.

East of India Mini Heart. This dainty little heart decoration, once again, has displayed one of my favourite little life quotes; ‘we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.’ I’m actually so pleased with this lovely little accessory, as it is the perfect addition to add on to the wedding scrap book, I’ve been planning, but failing to assemble for the last 2.5 years. It’s just the perfect touch, and the exact motivation I needed to actually put it together. Retails at just £1.10.

Trinket Dish. ‘Life is Beautiful’.. oh gosh, I really do love a good quote! How did they know?! Hehe. Anywho, I have been meaning to spruce up the ol’ dressing table, and this really will be a fabulous addition for me to pop the odd item of jewellery in. I love, love, love it! And at £4.99, so will you!

Last but not least, Choco Loco love heart chocolate lolly. Retailing at £1.10. Chocolate- check! Heart shaped- check! Perfect valentines present. And it was DELICIOUS. It took no time at all for my one year old, and I to gobble through this creamy, indulgent chocolatey loveliness!

I was so impressed with my ‘for wifey’ selection, and I know that any of my gal pals would have loved this selection too, so for me, these bundles were a definite win! These items are all fab for a budget of £15, but Swagger Unique have plenty more options for a bigger budget. If you want more inspiration for valentines gift ideas, Swagger Unique also have plenty more ideas such as this cute little lobster combo, for all you FRIENDS fans, and romantics out there. Just click the link, and hear over to their Instagram! With their fab customer service, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect selection too.

Not my image- image from SwaggerPics Insta

Massive thanks to the wonderful Alice, over at Swagger Unique for putting together the perfect ‘for him’ valentines bundle for my charming Mr Woods, as well as my gorgeous galentines bundle. I’m already excited to see what we can come up with for future special occasions!

For more information about Swagger Unique, you can find them over on Instagram : @swaggerpics, Twitter : @swaggergifts, Facebook : Swagger Unique , or on their website : of love (and happy shopping)


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