Blogging Update, & my thoughts on the unfollowing game

So, I’ve been a pretty shoddy blogger of late. Soz about that. #mumlife work, and flu have pretty much been my life for the past few weeks.. I’ve barely felt well enough to train, let alone had the energy, what with having no appetite whatsoever, and barely managing one small meal a day.. The good news is, I’m now on antibiotics, and starting to feel human again..

So the thing with blogging is, this is largely a hobby for me, and recently, I just haven’t had the time! Lord knows I’ve had plenty of content I’d love to be sharing, but physically finding the time to do so has been a different thing. I know we’re all busy, and I’m not out here trying to make excuses for myself; I hold my hands up and admit that it just has not been top of my priorities. Does that mean I don’t love blogging? Does that make me a bad blogger?..

I love sharing my thoughts and feelings, and expressing myself in written words, even if nobody sees it, I get genuine joy from writing, so that alone is enough motivation for me to launch my WordPress app every now and then, and spill my mind onto the page. In addition to that, I do also love making meaningful connections with like minded people by sharing my thoughts and feelings on my blog.

I try to avoid checking stats, focusing on numbers, and setting big blogging goals, but with good reason. Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a second guys; does anybody else find that sometimes it gets a little bit tedious? I mean, one prime example is the ‘following / unfollowing’ game.. I log into twitter and there’s always something on my feed about how distraught someone is for being unfollowed. Yes, I totally agree, it is annoying as hell when people follow you to immediately unfollow you once their follow count is up, not to mention really sad, and false. I wonder how many meaningful connections these types actually make? Personally, I’d rather 50 genuine followers I could connect with than 50k followers who followed back out of curtesy, and didn’t actually care, or bother to engage.. But really, why do we care so much?! People say they don’t care about numbers and then get their knickers in a twist when they lose a few followers, or their engagement is poor, or their photo likes are low. Generally if I see someone has followed me, I’ll pop over to their feed and have a read of their bio. If we have similarities, or their theme appeals to me, then sure, I’ll follow them back. If they have taken time to engage with me and show the human behind the screen, and we get along, then yeah, chances are I’ll follow back! However, if it’s someone totally random who isn’t engaging with any of my content, and is posting content which has little appeal to me, why should I feel obliged to follow back? Yes, there’s supporting your fellow bloggers, but would you rather the support be genuine?! From someone who genuinely is excited about your content, and takes a genuine interest?

When I see someone has followed me, I shouldn’t feel that I need to follow them back out of curtesy, and to be honest, I wouldn’t expect that of them either. If I choose to follow someone, it’s because I like their content, and think they seem like a cool person. Obvs, if they go on to prove otherwise, I’m going to make full use of that unfollow function. We’ve probably all come across someone on social media, who you show a lot of love for, and really root for, and they give nothing back, and pretty much ignore your existence. Yeah, I’m not down for that, so if you want to pretend you’re too good to tell me that you got your £4 top from primark, even after I said please, then adios amigos. My general rule is, if I didn’t think we could be friends in real life I’m probably not going to follow you. And sometimes I don’t realise that until after I have followed someone for a bit, so yeah, sorry, but I’m going to stop following that person. 🤷🏼‍♀️ However, I’m never going to unfollow someone purely on the basis that they didn’t follow me back.

I guess what I really want to say is this; every day I see people on my feeds, getting themselves worked up, and upset, because another social media-fame hungry person has done the ol’ follow/unfollow trick on them, and for some reason or another, it’s been taken personally. This is the harsh truth of the matter; there are some sad souls out there who genuinely do not care for human connection, and to them, it really is just a popularity competition and a numbers game. Rise above it. Please, just let it go! You’ll sleep better, and should be proud of your organic following, no matter how big or small it may be. Your follow count does not say a thing about you! We all know that Instagram is a very filtered version of life, and most of the time we are viewing somebody’s highlight real. If you like someone’s content, and you feel like it is genuine, happy days, -give them a follow! But don’t you dare get down on yourself if they don’t follow you back, or return the support you may offer them. You can’t take it to heart, or social media will end up being a pretty miserable place for you.

Do what you love, and love what you do. Don’t be so concerned by what others are doing, or even what they think of you. So, I just thought I’d share my thoughts on the matter, as I know I’ve been quiet on the blog lately. It’s just frustrating when I see bloggers I truly admire getting so down trodden by some lame-o who has faked engagement with them. It happens. But girl, you are better than that. Your following is real. Your content is real. And if they don’t like it, it’s their loss! 💕

Just a thought..

Lots of love


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  1. Kristen H says:

    I really like your perspective. I feel somewhat the same way…I don’t like seeing notifications of follows, then just to see they have unfollowed because I didn’t follow them. The whole point is to actually connect with people, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is exactly it!! ❤️ it’s never been about popularity for me, but sharing things people can relate to on a personal level xxx


  2. So true hun, I have to admit I got a bit annoyed at it once or twice, but in the end it doesn’t matter. As long as you are happy that’s all that matters xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So very true ❤️ thanks for reading xx


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