Tough Mudder – Have I got what it takes?!

Firstly, can I just apologise for the absence of posts on my blog lately.. I’ve been mega slack, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the start of APRIL?! So yeah, sorry for that! Believe me, it’s not that I haven’t got content I want to share- I have heaps, but time on the other hand.. 🙈 Seriously, hats off to all of you’s who post on the reg, whilst holding down full time jobs, hobbies, parenting etc.. Anywho, I’m back, and I’m hoping it won’t be another 2 months until my next post!

So, apart from the preset of terrible twos, and reminiscing on our recent wonderful holiday, I’ve been moving towards a bit of a new focus in terms of my fitness.. Last year, after settling back into my fitness, after the birth of my daughter the previous summer, I decided to challenge myself, by signing up for a few runs throughout the year; Cardiff 5k, Color Obstacle Rush Bath, and Cardiff Pretty Muddy, Race For Life. All of which, fabulous events, that I would highly recommend to anyone getting into running, or looking for an atmospheric, fun run experience. Now, I’m not a massive running enthusiast, nor would I even call myself a ‘runner’, but there’s something fantastically exhilarating about running these events, and every time I complete a race, I find myself frantically looking for my next one to book. The atmosphere is always bloody amazing, whether it’s road racing, mud running, an inflatable run, or a colour run. Participating in running events is something that has always made me feel pretty awesome. The adrenaline kicks in, the crowds cheers, and suddenly running becomes FUN. Any desire for a PB goes out the window, and I simply relax and enjoy the experience. So much so, that you can’t wait for the next time! So, not long after completing Pretty Muddy, I found myself on the Tough Mudder website. Giddy with excitement, and the feeling of accomplishment, I booked my place…

Okay, so I train pretty bloomin’ hard. I go to the gym most days, and give it my all for a good hour. These days, I prefer a much more crossfit style approach to my workouts, which I believe has massively improved my overall fitness and stamina. I started the year by completing Red January for ‘Mind’ , which saw my running shoes carry me over 125kms in 30 days. So with these two factors in mind, I kind of brushed Tough Mudder off, thinking yeah, I got this. Oh dear. Oh dear. So that takes us up to now.. well actually the start of May. When I ran in another event that I had dubbed my ‘Tough Mudder Warm up’ – Beach Warriors.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled with this one. I’m not sure why, but it really was more of a battle than I ever expected. And afterward it just made me scared for the fact I’d be required to run over double the distance, and be facing significantly more in the way of obstacles.. I’ve run on sand for colour runs before, so I can’t really use that as an excuse. Plus, running on mud certainly isn’t any easier. The wind was particularly high, running along the beach, and there were times I literally had to stop to catch my breath, and just breathe, but who’s to say there won’t be gale force winds on August 18th ?! So, yeah, where I’d usually be feeling like I superhero, and ready for more, I was feeling more than a little bit lacking in confidence.

When I plan a run as part of my training, it’s almost always far more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Once I disconnect the movement in my legs from what my brain is telling me, I’m good to go. It’s just a matter of shutting off the noise, and trusting my body to carry me the way. I always say, the first 2-3kms are the toughest, after that it becomes a whole lot easier. But in all honesty, I’ve not run much further than 10kms in a go, and the realisation that I would need to run 10 miles has dawned on me.. I’m still wondering whether I actually read that part on the Tough Mudder website when I signed up?! Haha. And then chuck 20 extreme obstacles into the mix.. okay then.. I keep telling myself the obstacles will break up the distance but I also then wonder who I’m trying to kid?

Yep, so it’s safe to say I’m bricking it. This week marks the 12 week count down, so I’ve downloaded ToughMudders 12 week training plan, to work my training around, with the hope it’ll make this challenge that bit more manageable when race day comes around. I’m 2 sessions in, and so far, so good. Am I ready? HELL NO. Am I going to give it my all? You bet your ass, I am. Am I going to be a Tough Mudder finisher? HELL YES. It might take all day, but there is absolutely NO way I am not completing the course, and at least giving each of the obstacles involved a good go. I’m 2 days into the training plan, and feeling determined and excited for what’s to come.

My fitness is at an okay level, but I wouldn’t say I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. Not even close. But maybe this is the kick up the bum I needed. I’ve probably been getting a little too comfortable with my training, and as we all know, comfort zones are great, but the real growth happens when we step outside of that circle. When we leave our comfort zone, the magic really happens, right?! So it’s time to shake things up a little. I can’t say I’m thrilled about my weekly 4 mile mid week runs, or the other two variable distance runs too, but pushing myself to do the things I don’t feel so at home with is bound to do me the world of good. Plus every time I finish a good running , it always feels so freakin’ awesome. Am I right?! Plus, I’m not going to be running this one on my own. I’ll be running it with a good friend, and Mr Woods himself, so we’ll all have each others backs, and be cheering each other on. There’s no ‘i’ I team, and we’ve got a good’n’.

Feeling excited. Feeling somewhat scared. Feeling very nervous. Feeling determined. But yep, mostly just feeling really really excited. (Did I say that already?)

12 weeks to give it my best, to become the fittest I can, and to take on the biggest fitness challenge I have ever faced.

Tough Mudder, I’m coming for ya! LETS DO THIS!


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  1. Absolutely incredible achievement. I’ve always found it too daunting to do but it looks like it’s a fun day without too much competition?

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    1. It was an awesome day! Not competitive at all- big emphasis on working as a team, and helping each other across every obstacle! Would highly recommend ☺️

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      1. Aw that sounds reassuring. I am a bit of a running junkie but running is a lot easier than some of the obstacles I’ve seen at Tough Mudder. Can you do teams of two? Thanks for answering 🙂


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