30 by 30 To-do List

So today is quite an exciting day for me! It’s one whole year since I started my blogging journey as Balanced Fit Mama Bird, and what a year it has been! For the latter part, I’ve been a bit naff at blogging, but I’m back to it now, and creating exciting new content. Any who, in honour of my blog birthday, (totally a thing, right?!) I decided I’d finally share something that I have been planning to put together since I started blogging. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Ohhh, and happy blog birthday to meeeee.. haha.

I’ve been thinking about how I want to go about this; whether to approach it like a bucket list and just go all out, listing the extravagant and down right unrealistic, or whether to make it a little more down to earth, with things that would feel a little more achievable by the time I turn 30. I have decided to go with the latter, as I can always explore the extravagant at a later date. I have also had goals I wanted to achieve by the time I reached the big three-O, that I have already conquered, so I will be including a few of these in this one! Not intending to boast, but I’m proud of some of the things I have accomplished pre-thirties. All in all, whilst they are my personal goals, I hope that as my readers, these will give you ideas, and inspiration for your own little ’30 things by 30, to-do lists’, or even, a 40 by 40! So please feel free to take as many of these away with you as you please.

So here it is, and I for one, have just under 4 years to get all of these experiences on the bag!

1) Watch ‘The Lion King’ in the Westend! Always wanted to see this, and believe it’s probably one of those things everyone should experience once in their lifetime. But for me, preferably before I turn 30.

2) Re-enter the world of Studying! I know the course, I know my route onto it, but finding the time and the budget is a little different. Once Aurora starts school then I’m hoping it will feel more realistic to commit myself to it, but so far, it’s just not been the right time. One day, hopefully much sooner rather than later, I will start working toward becoming a sports rehabilitation physiotherapist. I’ve always been unsure and indecisive about which career path I want to take, but the past 3 years, I have had my heart set on this, and I know it’s a career I would not only love, but would thrive in.

3) Stay in a hobbit house! I mean, the obvious would be in NZ, but I would be more than happy to settle for a UK equivalent! I’m such a big Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit fan. We try to escape to and adventure in The Forest Of Dean fairly frequently to get our Tolkien fix- you can really see where he gets his inspiration from, spending time there. But yes, I would love to stay in one of these cosy little dwellings, pretending to be a real life Shire dweller, and think it quite achievable to have a little stay in a lovely little hobbit-esque home.

4) Check some more Greek Islands off of my travel list! Honestly I’m obsessed. Mr Woods and I, went to Athens together on our very first holiday together, and immediately fell in love with Greece; the people, the landscape, the food, the way of life. If I were to only holiday in one place for the rest of my life, it would be Greece! I am fairly sure I left a part of my heart in Kefalonia back in May, and I’ve never felt more at home in another country than I do in Greece, if not more so than the UK. I joked about becoming a goat herder and moving to Kefalonia, but secretly, (or not so), I could do that with ease, and I’d live a very very happy little existence, tucked away in the Kefalonian Ainos Mountains, a stone throw away for the Ionian Sea, watching Rory run around with Daphne on the beech. But Alas, responsibilities.

5) Swim with sharks! THANK YOU HONEYMOON. Okay, so I’m not talking man eaters, but I did swim with 6-8 ft nurse sharks with big old sharp teeth, and though dubbed harmless, gentle sharks, I’d still imagine they’d pack a powerful puncture from those jaws. Still would bloody love the opportunity to jump in a cage along side the real deal, and swim alongside the real ‘Jaws’.

6) Watch my favourite musical artists perform live! – For me, this would be Biffy Clyro.. I mean, I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing them by this stage in my life already. If I haven’t seen them by 30, I honestly just give up on myself. However, I would mark this as a 0.5 complete, as last July Mr Woods last minute managed to wangle a couple of tickets to Coldplay’s Stadium Gig, A Head Full Of Dreams. It. Was. SPECTACULAR. Honestly, a night I will never forget, and still get goosebumps recalling now. If there is one act I would say absolutely needs to be seen, it would be Coldplay. The set was so vibrant, and beautiful, and charismatic. I felt like I was actually in a dream.

7) Snatch my body weight! So far I’m at 30kgs. I’d tell you 37.5, but I’m not counting it because of the awful form. So yeah, 30kg… just over double to go then.. ummm, yeah. We’ll see how that one goes shall we?

8) Become a mother! – in August 2016, this became a reality. I always knew I wanted to be a mum, and I knew I wanted to have kids before I was 30. After a year contraception free, and suffering a miscarriage in our early days of being newly weds, I wondered whether it would ever happen for us, but it did. And here we are. And I’ve never felt more blessed than I do when I look at my little girl, and hear her calling, ‘Mummy!’.

9) Swim with dolphins! – Again, thanks to our dreamy honeymoon in Punta Cana, this became a reality. I swam with, danced with, and even kissed, a handsome bottle nosed dolphin! Unfortunately we didn’t get photos of this experience, as it was our final excursion, and we *may* have blown the budget, and been a few dollars short of the ever so slightly extortionate $80 photo fee.. However, we have that memory imprinted in our hearts, and it is one we will never forget.

10) Visit the Harry Potter Studios! (Again) .. ok, so I have been. And it was bloody AWESOME. We went December 2015, and it was all snowy, and feasty and Christmassy and pwettty, and how good are them butterbeers though?! BUT they didn’t have the forbidden forest then, so I feel like I need to go back and experience it.. probably at Christmas time again. Because let’s face it, I don’t thing Hogwarts could get any better than when it is glistening in the snow.

11) Visit Scotland! Never been, but always wanted to! I’d be especially keen on visiting the Fairy Pools and the Isle of Skye. It looks so magical and enchanted, and I would love to take Rory on an epic fairy trail up there! Also heard loads about Hogmanay festival being absolutely incredible, so I would love to experience that and see the New Year in, in Edinburgh.

12) Complete a full tough mudder! Hell yeah. I did it, baby! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Quite literally. Just this weekend gone! What an absolutely fantastic experience it was! And I’d honestly do another in a heart beat. In fact, I have already signed up to next years. The whole Tough Mudder experience is just incredible. I’ve run in plenty of organised events, but mudder was different. The tough mudder community are like a family, and I’m not sure any other OCR (obstacle course race) will compare.

13) Adopt a mountain dog! I honestly can’t stick to a decision as to whether I’d want a Bernese or Great Pyrenees. It’s all dependent on which breed I’ve seen and swooned over most recently. And to clarify, want probably isn’t the right word, because I would want both, but sadly, I’m not quite in a position to retire and become a dog sitter just yet.. *sigh*. But yes, in all seriousness, we would love another doggy friend in our life, and I know our Daphne would love a canine little sister.

14) Go to a pride festival! Because I really don’t think you need to actually be gay to celebrate love. LOVE IS LOVE. And love is beautiful. And I’m so grateful that we live in a country where largely, we can celebrate that, and we really should!

15) Visit Ireland! Firstly, I live in the UK, so why I have only visited 2/4 portions of this country, I do not know. I need to sort that out! There are so many awesome tourist spots I would love to visit, evermore inspired after reading the Journalist On The Run 50 uniquely IRISH things to do in Ireland. Not only that, but we also have a good friend living in Ireland, so it would be wonderful to go and stop by for a catch up.

16) Become a home owner! – completed! In fact, we completed back in August 2014 – the same week we got engaged! It was a pretty special summer. We moved in, in the November, along with our adopted little ginger tabby Tom Kitten, Oscar. And I literally unpacked and put the Christmas decoration straight up. HAHA. OCD (obsessive Christmas disorder) much?!

17) Try snowboarding! It just looks super dope. I love surfing, and it gives me such a rush. I feel like I’d probably thoroughly enjoy snowboarding! Even if I sucked at it, I’d want to at least be able to say I’ve tried it, and feel the rush.

18) Climb Snowdonia! I mean, you may have gathered by now, I just love a good adventure! And climbing Snowdonia sounds a good crack to me. Of all the big peaks, it is the closest for us. Last Christmas we stayed in North Wales in the beautiful town of Ruthin – more on that here , but on route, we were genuinely gasping at the scenery of the vast and beautiful outstretched mountains of North Wales, and both agreed then, that we would love to take a trip to North Wales again, and stay in Snowdon. I mean, can you even stay in Snowdon without climbing Snowdonia!? Haha.

19) Go on a Christmas Markets European City Break! I’m just such a Christmas obsessive, and I go full on Mrs Clause from November 1st. #sorrynotsorry. So yeah, I really really badly want to visit one of these infamous European Christmas Markets! I’ve been mostly eyeing up Vienna, so I guess we will wait and see!

20) Run a half marathon! I kind of hate myself a little for this one. Yeah, so I guess tough mudder was manageable, and that’s 10 miles, so what’s another 3? NO. No. No. Whole other ball game. Tough mudder is nicely broken up by obstacles. The longest distance I have properly ran for, is 14kms.. Forna half marathon we’re adding another half that distance!. I would love to have done one, but I know I will almost definitely not love doing it. We shall see, but it is just one of those fitness challenges I would like to be able to say I overcame.

21) See the northern lights! -The Aurora Borealis. I think this is one of those things on everybody’s bucket lists, isn’t it? But I definitely think this is one that is achievable before I’m 30. Imagine being able to kill two birds with one stone and witnessing them from the Scottish highlands?! Or maybe a snowy trip to Finnish Lapland?! Or from the blue lagoon in Iceland? Who knows, but I just feel that wherever it may be, it’ll be one of those awesome moments that takes your breath away, and leaves you speechless.

22) Volunteer at the Dogs Trust! – With our local Dogs Trust 10 miles down the road, and being a sponsor myself, I’d love to give a little more of a hands on approach to supporting this wonderful charity! It’s great hearing how my money is being used, and how our sponsored dogs are getting along, but I want to do more than that, so I’m hoping to arrange not just one, but a few voluntary sessions down at the Trust, and really get an opportunity to make a difference to these dogs lives, and show them some love and kindness. Dogs are better than people, and that my friends, is a FACT.

23) Bungee Jump! – I’m a teeny tiny bit fearless, and if I had the pay packet to fund it, I would be such an adrenaline junkie. But alas, roller coasters and my surfboard will have to make do for now. Though, my girls did pretty awesome on my hen when the arranged a quarry zip wire!

24) Attend a silent disco! This is one that I have very recently checked off my list, thanks to our lovely friends, hosting the most incredible, wedding party! I may have been a little intoxicated, but it was honestly one of the coolest experiences! This was a wedding party where I did not know a lot of people, but it really didn’t matter. It bought the whole wedding party together, and we all sang our hearts out! – though, if you are ever at a silent disco, please try to sneakily get your headphones off when people are mixed across the channels, as the result is pretty bloody hilarious!

25) Stay in a log cabin, complete with outdoor hot tub or jacuzzi! This just reminds me of cosy, festive, American rom-com. I’m picturing Rory, snoring in her bed, while Mr Woods & I pop open a bottle of champers, and watch the clear night sky. Don’t say I’m not a romantic at heart.. I’ve always wanted to stay in a log cabin, and a love the looks of those romantic hot hot ones. Let’s hope Mr Woods gives this post a read, and wants to jump on board!

26) Master some awesome yoga poses! Okay, so I have a couple I’m working on. Crow pose is pretty much there (for a second), and I’m partial to breaking out the ol’ head stand (if you follow my Instagram, don’t we all bloody know it. Haha), but there are hundreds of poses that make my jaw drop. So, I must keep stretching and bending, and hopefully by the time I’m 30, poses like fallen angel, and pincha, will become second nature to me.

27) Go on a camping holiday! Something so basic, but shockingly, I have never done! I’ve camped at weddings. I’ve camped in the garden. I’ve camped on my college Duke of Edinburgh expedition. But I’ve never been on a camping holiday. So yeah, I’d like to give it a go! And with West Wales and the beautiful Gower an hour down the road, there’s no excuse not to! Only thing standing in the way of this, is our distinct lack of camping facilities. I bought a pop up tent which I thought was the most amazing thing ever, but unfortunately, after the poles snapped in two places, I’ve changed my mind… I guess the whole rigmarole or constructing the tent is part of the experience!

28) Host our own Christmas! So far we’ve spent our Christmas’s between families, and have escaped a Christmas meal, and are yet to spend a whole Christmas in our own home. The idea of cooking Christmas dinner ourselves is daunting, as both our mothers are such fantastic chefs, that we’ve not been brave enough to step up to this tradition as if yet. However, as Rory gets a little older and more aware, I do think it will be nice for her to spend Christmas in our own home, and go to bed in her own bed. Plus, there really is no place like home.

29) Take our first family holiday as a three piece! – we did this back in May. I booked it on a whim, after it occurred to me that our daughter was still under 2, so now would be the time to make the most of one less seat to pay for. – honestly if you are thinking of a first family holiday with you babies/ toddlers, do it before they are two because you only end up paying for the two of you. They are quite literally a free add on.

30) Write a book! Okay, so I didn’t think I’d be sharing this little dream of mine so soon, but it’s something I very much want to do. I want to write a story. An inspiring, captivating, magical story. I’ve been talking to MrWoods about this for a few years now. It’s all well and good having intentions, but what I really need to do is just begin! By setting myself this deadline, maybe it will give me the kick up the bum that I need. Even if my husband and daughter are the only ones who get to read and appreciate it, that’s good enough for me. My mother and my teachers always said I was away with the fairies, and I’d like to explore my imagination and create my own little world on the pages.

So, there we have it. 30 things I’d like to achieve before I reach the age of 30. All of which I’m sure I will have plenty of fun with!

I want to round up this post by emphasising the fun aspect. These are goals I’d like to accomplish for my own amusements. So just a little reminder to anyone reading this; take life in your own pace. You do not need to have it all figured out by a certain age. I don’t believe that voice that tells you that you should be doing x,y, and z, by now. You just do you. Don’t force anything, and let what is right for you, come to you at the right time.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love


11 Comments Add yours

  1. wordtryb says:

    So epically late to the party but I always love bucket lists.

    Thanks for also putting up goals you have achieved. That’s super important.

    Next time you go to Greece. You should cycle around Aegina, close enough to the hustle and Brüssel but far enough away to still be amazingly calm. Expensive but I think well worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the advice! We are looking to head to Greece again in the spring! – Crete most likely, but will definitely bear your recommendation in mind! Thank you for reading, and glad you enjoyed ☺️


  2. Kim says:

    This is such a great list! Seeing the Lion King and swimming with sharks are both on my bucket list. I live in the Cotswolds so pretty close to the Forest of Dean and want to stay in one of the hobbit huts clamping pods) they have there. I stayed in one in the Scottish Highlands last year and adored it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, how lovely! I love that part of the UK. Very Tolkien-esque! Have had a look at those camping pods myself! Look lovely! Thank you for reading ☺️ glad you liked it xx


      1. Kim says:

        I really did. It’s given me some more ideas for my own bucket list. x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You have got some awesome things already crossed off the list! Esp the dolphin & shark swims 👌👌
    Wishing you all the best in ticking off the rest in the next 4 years too… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Helen! ☺️ I’m excited to see how I get on x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love these! DEFO see Lion King if you can (though tickets are quite pricey), it truly is a spectacle 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s what’s prevented us going so far, but I’m sure it’s worth it xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this! And you are AMAZING for doing tough mudder!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much girl! One of my proudest moments! First being becoming a mummy xx

      Liked by 1 person

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