10 Best Things About Being A Dog Mama

In honour of #NationalDogDay , I’ve quickly put together this little post, to show a little appreciation to our four-legged, furry, faithful friends. I hope you’ll agree when I say, that us dog mama’s (and papa’s) really are incredibly blessed. And though at times it can be emotional, (as proved this week when our beloved had her operation to be spayed, and the guilt and emotions were all way too real) it is by far one of the most wonderful gifts, to be a proud parent to our perfect pups. They are our family.

1) The greeting you get every time you walk through the front door. I guarantee no one else will be as consistently excited to see you arrive home, as your four legged friend. You are their world. They can tell you’re coming, and will literally be waiting for you, tail waggling, (often whole body following suit) excitedly smiling, with that pure look of love! Nothing like it.

2) You can tell your dog ANYTHING. Literally anything. All your secrets. And your secrets stay safe with them. They will just sit and listen, and they sure as hell won’t judge you. Remember. You are their world.

3) Being the big spoon! I think I’m right in saying, that a lot of us ladies like to be the little spoon in our relationships. But have you ever been the big spoon to a furry warm dog?! It’s lush. There’s not many places I feel more content than when I’m snuggled into the back of my doggy’s warm body. Yep, our dog shares our bed with us. To those of you who draw the line there, #sorrynotsorry . Until you’ve felt the happiness that is falling asleep with your pet, don’t judge.

4) Dogs are mega in tune to your emotions. When you are excited, they are excited with you. And on the other side, if you are in need of a quiet friend, and a shoulder to cry on, they just know, and they will be there for you.. You remember that scene from Marley & Me? The one where the Grogans’ gets back from the sonogram, and John walks into the lounge to find their normally chaotic, unruly Labrador, quietly comforting Jenny, in her hour of need. I’m not sure I’ve ever related to a movie scene so much in all my life. Gets me in the feels every. single. time. Lord knows my Daphne has healed my broken heart on more than one occasion.

5) Long gone are the days of mopping the kitchen floor every day. Here comes Daphne, the super hoover dog! I’m not being funny, but having a vacuum on four legs following you around when you also are a toddler mum, is honestly such a god send. If it wasn’t for Daphne Dog, we’d be non stop sweeping/ mopping/ hoovering the house.

6) Well I’m on the subject of being a human toddler mama, dogs also make wonderful siblings! From the moment we came home from the hospital with our new born, something changed in our Daphne; not her sense of fun or adventure, but it was as if she’s suddenly activated her own protective mother switch, and was somehow more careful, and observant of this tiny fragile being, and as she’s grown, she’s adapted to the frequency of play that fits. Dogs are intelligent. They just know. And my daughter gets to grow up with the best big sister, and friend, to look out for her. They teach each other so much.

7) They simply emit happy, feel good vibes. Have you ever danced around the front room with a dog?! I can guarantee youthat it’s hard to feel even remotely negative after dancing with a doggy! Mine and Daphne’s personal favourite, is to do the puppy train to ‘Cecilia’ – Simon & Garfunkel, and it’d guaranteed to have me, Mr Woods, and our Rory bear beaming from ear to ear.

8) They bring out the adventurous side of you! – Dogs need walking. And there’s not many things I enjoy more than putting on my wellies and finding a new place to explore on our weekend walkies! We have discovered so many beautiful walking spots that we would not have, had we not had a dog to motivate us to find them. So if your looking for an excuse to be more active…

9) No one will ever love you the way your dog loves you. I’ve said it a few times already, but to your dog, you are there world! You’re their parent, their friend, their everything. You bring them food, you scratch their tums, you take them for walkies, and gift them with toys. You throw the ball, and they bring it back. Their world quite literally revolves around you.

10) Dogs teach us valuable lessons about life. They see you by your heart. They don’t see your flaws. It doesn’t matter if you are big or little, short or tall, if you have three eyes, and Webber toes. They love you for your heart.


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  1. keyslayy says:

    Your post convince me to have a dog now 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha!! You won’t regret it x


  2. Such a sweet post! We’re living in a situation where we can’t own pets and weI really miss our furry companions…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet! But I can understand that. When you are traveling a lot and aren’t able to give the commitment to them, it’s only fair. Loving your blog btw!


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