The 12 days of Christmas WOD

Today is Saturday 22nd of December, meaning it is actually Christmas Eve Eve Eve!! EEEK! It’s so close, I can taste it. Anywho, knowing full well that this mornings trip to the gym, could well be my last opportunity to get a really good workout in, I decided to go in search of some fun, festive, fitmas inspiration! My favourite way to spend a gym session on any given Saturday, is to go all out crossfit, and add some variety and high energy into my lifting. So, I was after a WOD. And an epic WOD at that. A quick poll on Instagram, and a flick through of my local crossfit boxes, and I was settled; I would be taking on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’

The structure of the workout is just like the song that we’ve all grown to know and love. ‘On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to my a partridge in a pear tree.’ – Although nobody is giving you a partridge. Instead you are being assigned an exercise and the amount of repetitions you will need to perform. In other words, this WOD will be made up of 12 rounds, each round, you will be adding a new exercise, along with an additional repetition; 1, 2-1, 3-2-1, 4-3-2-1, etc, until all 12 rounds are completed.

The workouts I saw looked great, though rather challenging, but the only problem was, each was different. And I couldn’t choose which I preferred – some of them had lower reps where I’d have put higher reps and the same visa versa. With that in mind, I set to work, listing the numbers 1-12 and carefully appointing each with a few of my own personal favourite exercise (and a few not so favourite).

So, I am sharing my take on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’, and it was not an easy one, by any stretch on the imagination. However, it did leave me feeling epic, dripping with sweat, with an sense of accomplishment; I mean everything you want from your workout, right?

So if you feel up for the challenge, here it is:

1 strict pull up

2 push press

3 burpees over bar

4 barbell thrusters

5 power cleans

6 jump squats

7 medicine ball slams

8 kettlebell swing

9 medicine ball Russian twists

10 single arm DB snatches (5 a side)

11 box jumps

12 push ups

Let me know how you get on!

Merry FITmas & MERRY CHRISTMAS lovelies! Enjoy the festive period, and please please please, don’t stress about food and training. Christmas happens once a year, so take it in, and soak it up! ❤️

Lots of love


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