About me.

If you are reading this then HELLO, and welcome to my blog!!! ❤️

You’ll probably find a little bit of everything on here – journaling, health, fitness, self love, lifestyle, motherhood, recipes, travel, fashion, and really anything that I fancy having a bit of a natter about. The blog without a theme, but the one thing that’ll always stay consistent is the realness in my content. This is my space to be honest and open; share my truths, and spill my thoughts and feelings. So, apologies in advance if anything I blog about causes anyone offence, – I promise that is never my intention. And by no means should any of my readers take my content as gospel. These are my own personal opinions..

I have started this blog as a space to jot down and share with you, my thoughts & feelings about the things I feel most passionate about. As much for myself, as to find like minded people who can relate with my content. One day, I’d like to be able to look back on the content and enjoy the memories of my younger years, with an insight to my emotions I’d felt at the time, and the things that meant the most to me.. I’m one of the most sentimental people about, so yeah, this is just one other way I can hold onto memories, and feelings, and one day in the future, I know my sentimental side will thank me for documenting such things.

So without further ado, here are the basics about myself:-

My name is Alicia; Lisi or Lis, for short. I am 5ft10 (give a cm or 2), I’m 25, and I am a Cornish bird, living it up in the Welsh Valleys!

I love the sea, and I love animals. Mostly of the tiger or doggy variety. I share my home with 1 dog (Daphne), 1 cat (Oscar), and 2 gold fish (Dot, and Pom), as well as my Husband, and our 1 year old daughter. I’m from a big family. Family means everything to me. However, I definitely do not intend to follow in my mothers footsteps, and produce another 7 babies. Maybe another 1, or even 2. But that’ll do me just fine. In fact, I’m more than happy, and have my hands just full enough with the one for now. 😇

As you may have figured out by now, I am a mother. I have a daughter, (Rory) and even though I am totally biased, I’m fairly sure she is the most beautiful little creation to ever grace this earth. #sorrynotsorry. She’s my pride and joy, and since she came into our world, everything has changed. My life has a whole new purpose.

I met my now husband 5.5 years ago, in a dodgy little night club. We’ve been inseparable since! 6 months after meeting, I moved up to Wales with him, we saved, and 2years later, were able to buy our own home. The same week we got our offer accepted, Trist proposed to me. We moved in in the Autumn, and were married the following summer. It’s been a whirlwind, but who better to get caught in the rush with, than your very best friend!

I’m a total fitness nut. Well, actually I use the term ‘fitness’ loosely, as mostly it’s lifting that I am nutty for. I weight train 6 times a week. And have done so for almost 5 years. I trained throughout my pregnancy, with some modifications. The longest time I’ve had off from the gym since starting out, were the first 3 weeks into motheroood, whilst my body recovered. It’s such a huge part of my day to day life, that if I go without, I feel really somewhat hard done by, and will probably not make for particularly pleasant company. HOWEVER, I am now making a very conscious effort to incorporate some other methods of building a healthy body & mind into my daily life, including yoga, walking, running, crossfit style workouts, and whatever else I fancy at the time.

I am a great believer in all things happening for a reason. The good, the bad, the ugly. I myself have been through periods of epic highs, and shattering lows, but each low has come with a lesson, or a new understanding, or a new appreciation for the simple things that make life so good. Life is full of ups & downs, but it’s how you choose to look at your situation that makes the difference.

Although I’m a gymaholic, and there was a time that my life totally revolved around my training, this certainly isn’t the case anymore. The majority of my time is filled with love & laughter, watching my daughter grow into the loveliest, most adventurous little girl. I now work night shifts, so I don’t have to miss out on all the fun to be had in her waking hours.

I’m currently aspiring to study a topic I’m truly passionate about; sports conditioning and rehabilitation. I am hoping to enrol on a course early in 2018 to get the ball rolling on this. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m feeling driven to pursue a career path that I will flourish in.

In Autumn 2014 we became home owners to a lovely little 3 bed semi-detached on the outskirts of the Welsh Valleys. It is in pretty good nick, but there is a lot that I want to do with it, so future renovation projects may well find themselves sneaking onto the blog.

I’m a massive foodie. I love food. I won’t lie and say I could eat a mammoth, because in reality, I really don’t have a great appetite, so I definitely could not. Howevere, there is very little that I do not eat, and I enjoy every mouthful of what I do eat. However, sometimes my body and mind are not in tune, and my body hates what I’m putting into her. I’m fairly sure I have a minor IBD, but as anyone who has one knows, it’s a nightmare getting any kind of diagnosis on it. I’m very conscious of what I’m eating, and I know sometimes it’s still not enough in respect to the active lifestyle I lead, therefore a lot of content in this blog may end up being around the subject of trying to find balance in my nutrition. I’m also massively trying to reduce the amount of processed foods I eat, and go for the organic, wholesome options instead. As we all know, getting nutrition right can be a real challenge in itself, so I’m going to be honest about the struggles, because I do find it infuriatingly difficult at times too.

I believe that kindness makes the world go around. Being kind is the easiest thing in the world. Smile at the world, and the world smiles back. A few kind words can have such a positive influence on somebody’s day, so please, never underestimate the power of being nice.

I’m a big believer in self love. I really do think that the way we treat ourselves, has such an impact on our lives. I used to spend so much time comparing myself to others, scrutinising my flaws, feeding my mind bad thoughts, and creating a generally very unhealthy mindset, and low self esteem for myself. Self acceptance and respect, is the route to a happier, healthier life. I may not always wake up in the morning and think ‘girl, you’re a unicorn. You’re a sassy, unstoppable, beautiful unicorn’, and I do still have days where I hate the way I look, and I am not particularly kind to myself, but those days are few and far between. I am learning, and I am growing, and I’ve begun to accept my flaws, so nobody else can use the against me. But most importantly I am learning to give myself a break! You can do anything, but you can’t do it all. Don’t punish yourself for not being perfect. Perfection is boring. So be messy, imperfect, and unapologetically you.


I love hearing your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or get in touch! (I promise I don’t bite, and I’m really quite approachable.)
Lots of Love